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Our Mission

To develop and demonstrate modern technologies by using a small-satellite platform, while educating students and enriching the undergraduate experience.

AGS4 Rendering

Student Designed

All of our projects are designed from the ground up by students, providing them the opportunity to learn skills that will be useful to them in school and on in to their professional careers. In the past, students have been asked to: create SolidWorks models, run thermal and finite element analyses, program both our ground station and satellite to achieve mission objectives, and many other tasks that yield the kind of invaluable experience so sought in the professional world.

Student Built

We design, and then we build. Echoing the sorts of procedural clean room methodologies employed by satellite industry powerhouses such as Boeing and Lockheed Martin, our students painstakingly develop and execute detailed plans of action for the manufacturing, assembly, and testing of our projects.

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Dex and Zane

Student Operated

We don't build projects just for the experience of design and manufacturing, we also operate them. Satellites are tracked and packets of data exchanged. From the ground, we can download scientific data, upload software patches, and issue operational commands.